Thursday, July 8, 2010

Sitting, Waiting, Wishing

I am happy to announce that a mere 9 days after my posting of The List I have already completed two items!

Firstly, on June 30 I was lucky enough to be friends with Mr. Bradley Diuguid and hear about a ticket giveaway for RACE on Broadway. This completes #19 on my list:

19. See a broadway show

Apparently they wanted to pack the house for the new cast and press; new cast including Eddie Izzard! I'm only familiar with his stand up, so seeing him in person, wearing pants, and acting was quite shocking. But he was phenomonal! Not that I was expecting him to be bad, but wow! We had a great time even though the content of the play left us feeling uncomfortable and thoughtful.

The second completed item on my very special list is #2:

2. Attend Shakespeare in the Park: This year it's A Winter's Tale and The Merchant of Venice (starring Al Pacino).

We went on Wednesday July 7 for A Winter's Tale, woke up at 6 am (which I haven't done since middle school) and got there around 7:30. I packed a huge picnic lunch including cucumber sandwiches, skewed fresh mozzarella and olives, fruit, and then the necessary pack of double stuffed oreos. We spent the next five hours happily munching away and making new friends with the people ahead of us. We do want to go again so we can see Al Pacino in The Merchant of Venice, but our new friends warned us that they had to get there at 10pm the night before to get tickets. So, as far as that goes we're still debating on whether to dive into an overnight at Central Park or not. What do you all think?

Anyway, once we got our tickets at 1pm (a 5 hour wait is totally worth it, btw) we went home, showered (I took a much needed nap), then left to meet our friends Ruth and Nicole! It was an incredible set up with champagne, snacks, and the Delacourte Theater was a dream to a well trained theater eye. The show was just fabulous and I was immersed the full 3 hours. Definitely a night to remember!

This was the view of the line we had at 7:30am when we were at the very end of it. It keeps going after that, trust me.

This was our proof picture that we made it through the wait. We were prepered for the worst after the 107 degree day on tuesday, but it ended up being quite a pleasant day spent under Central Park's canopy of trees, and with new company to be enjoyed.

After the show glow. Right after this picture was taken Ruth almost jumped one of the actors (Jesse Tyler Ferguson) who is her modern TV hero. We giggled as the security guard kept asking her to step back.
I have only tackled these two things, but I have had so much fun and am so excited for the other 18 to come! Now, let's just get to prayin' that I can actually accomplish everything!

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