Thursday, July 22, 2010

Friends, Food, and Femi

So I've been totally procrastinating updating this blog, but just more and more stuff I want to post keeps piling up, so I'd better do it now before it never happens.

I'm ashamed to admit that there are already 3 things on my summer List that had a deadline that we didn't make and will no longer be happening. These things are:

3. Participate in our FIRST EVER restaurant week!

7. Attend one of the free movie nights at Hudson River Park

8. Go to one of the free events for Central Park Summerstage

It's quite unfortunate. But due to lack of funds, rain, and laziness, these things will not be happening. I've been splurging a bit on baking ingredients, and with the upcoming trip to Maine, restaurant week was out of the question. Alas! But, I did end up baking a whole crap load this week, some of which I have pictures. :)

But! There is good news! I have had a very busy couple weeks visiting friends, baking, cooking, attending to other lovely things on my list, and baking more.

To start, I made this AMAZING Lemon Yogurt Cake that my mom recommended to me. I'm not usually a huge fan of lemon desserts, but this hit the spot. Covered with some fresh blueberries and a scoop of Haagen Daz vanilla icecream was just the perfect thing. I ran some plates down to our neighbors Lisa and Eric, and they totally loved it! Definitely a great option for a (sort of) healthy dessert during the summer.

One of the things we did accomplish on the list was #13:

13. Attend Midsummer Night's Swing. I know it's part of Lincoln Center (where I work), but I've never been and it sounds awesome!

Before we attended the event, we met in Manhattan and tried this new Sicilian pizza place on 2nd Avenue and 11th. I think it for sure converted me to authentic pizza, and no more of the American crap we fill our bellies with. I don't have any pictures for this, but it was just fabulous, and on our favorite restaurant row! (All our favorite, and most frequented restaurants are on 2nd between 11th and 12th)

After that, we walked around the corner and had an amazing authentic Italian dessert at Veniero's. Our eyes were definitely bigger than our stomaches as we ordered Tiramisu, a cannoli, and a mini cheesecake. We could barely finish it, then I made us waddle all the way to 8th Avenue because it hit me how much creamy fatty goodness we had just consumed.

This is Tyrone's order. It was my first cannoli, and I think it is seriously the perfect dessert for me! The crunchy crisp of the shell with the cream was just lish. I also ordered the Tiramisu, but was honestly disappointed in it. So, didn't think it was worth a photo!

This was the setup of Midsummer Night's Swing which takes place in Damrosch Park at Lincoln Center. A seriously cool event, though we didn't get in for free, and I was mad because I was supposed to get in for free. Can you tell I'm still bitter?

So, we watched from the sidelines. This evening was particulary fun because it was the son of Fela Kuti, who was the originator of Afrobeat. Femi Kuti and The Postive Force; they were just unbelievable.

This past weekend I made the trip out to Pawling, NY to visit my two friends Emily and Caitlin, who are moving to China and Japan! I am incredibly sad to not have them around, but it will be soooooo awesome if I can go and visit. How many people have a free stay in those countries? Ya know?

Caitlin and I partaking in the lovely warm water under Bull's Bridge in Kent, CT.

Caitlin came back to the city with me and we took the plunge and went to Shake Shack in Madison Square Park. Now, for those who don't know, Shack Shake is famous for their burgers, and more famous for their incredibly long waits. This completes #4:

4. Eat at the famous Shake Shack in Madison Square Park. Hopefully the 1 hour or more wait will result in delicious burgers and happy tummys!

Everything is made to order, so we were hoping the wait was going to be worth it. After only waiting an hour for both the line to order, and for receiving the food, we enjoyed delicious burgers, fries, and their AMAZING chocolate shake. I think they must use Valrhona chocolate.

This was Tyrone's portabella and beef burger (two separate patties). YUM.

Very happy, and very hungry. Caitlin took the picture and was very annoyed I made her wait to dig in. Haha. Sorry Caitlin!

GAH. Sorry for the long, rambling, somewhat mundane post. If you are reading this, thank you so much for making it through. I promise to be more on top of it in the future!

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