Saturday, July 3, 2010

Let's Play Catch Up!

JULY 29-Ok, so as promised here are some highlights from the past year...My 21st birthday! Rather than buying or making a cake, Tyrone and I decided to go on a cupcake crawl around the city. This was my favorite cupcake at Sweet Revenge on 62 Carmine Street. We highly anticipated this event as we had been talking about it for months, but by the end we were totally cupcaked out. It's amazing how haggard too much sugar can make you.

AUGUST- The next month we traveled to Indiana for Andrew and Cami's wedding, and I got to meet my brand new cousin Everly Lucia. She is just the most precious baby I have ever met, and it's amazing how much she has already grown since then.

OCTOBER- I FINALLY convinced Tyrone that what we needed was a little kitty in our lives. After hopelessly searching online for a good adoption center, I saw her little face and just fell in love immediately. We went in to meet her and took her home that day! She has such a beautiful face and color, we had to name her Tippi Hedren after the actress in "The Birds." When she was brought in, she had been found with her tiny kittens, she only being 8 months old, dumped in a trash can and about to be taken by the garbage truck. I can't believe anyone would ever treat a living creature that way, it just breaks my heart.

Getting Tippi was one of the best decisions I have ever made. Tyrone and I realize that we have become those people who love their cat entirely too much. But look how cute she is!

MARCH- We found an awesome new place just one stop away off the L train. We finally had our own place! It is such a great space for us, and we got really lucky with our neighbors Lisa and Eric!
Tippi, however, was very nervous and scared during the whole process. She probably thought we were abandoning her! Here she is trying to guard her home. We had quite a scare the second day at the new place when we thought we had lost her. We couldn't find her for 9 hours, and the cable guy had left ALL the doors open. We were completely devastated. After a few hours of looking for her and filing reports, we decided we needed to keep moving in considering we still had almost the entire apartment to unpack. As we were putting together the futon, I heard this teeny meow coming from somewhere in our huge built in shelf unit. She had hidden in the spare clothes drawer to get away from all the noise! It was one of the most relieving and hilarious things to find her stuffed in the back of a drawer.

APRIL- We finally walked across the Brooklyn Bridge! It was incredible to look at, especially after talking about it for two years!
Under the Brooklyn Bridge, we had a nice picnic lunch along the East River. Gorgeous!

MAY-Tyrone's birthday consisted of row boating at Central Park, which was extremely rejuvenating after being in the city for so long. A girl needs her nature!

And it also consisted of me making his cake for 9 HOURS. I had planned to make it the day before, but our water was turned off for some repairs, so I unfortunately had to spend a lot of his birthday making his cake.
But the upside...this cake was amazing! It's a Chocolate Fudge Cookie Dough Cheesecake. It consists of a crushed oreo crust, a bottom layer of chocolate ganache, a coffee flavored cheesecake, a sour cream topping layer, and the cookie dough topping, then decorated with chocolate ganache! I definitely need to work on my decorating skills, but I've got the baking down!

Since then, I quit my job at the store and am still working part time at Lincoln Center. I am much happier with this decision and love being a part time house wifey! I never thought I'd say that, but these past couple years have taught me so much. I work to live, I don't live to work!

Now, time to get on that summer to do list...

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