Saturday, September 18, 2010

I am a Maine girl after all...

So, just to keep up with what this blog was originally intended  for (even if it did turn into a food blog), I TOTALLY ate lobster this summer. Lots of it. I really want some of it right now, actually.

As you know, Tyrone and I traveled to Maine for two seperate weeks. One on his family's farm up north, and one at my family's house in the south by the beach. Both vacations were completely different, and both incredible. I can honestly say I feel ready for this crazy fall schedule I have now entered, and feel O.K. that my next day off is in a month (sort of).

If you don't recall The List, read about it there! That means I completed

14. Eat a whole Maine lobster...each!

15. AND a lobster roll!

Now, for those who don't know, the best place in Maine to get lobster is Bayley's Lobster Pound. It's in Scarborough, ME., right off the ocean. Everything is fresh daily, and they'll even cook those suckers for you  if you're not partial to boiling them yourselves.

Though we definitely were not able to get near to completing the list, we covered all the seasonal stuff. Tyrone and I have decided to continue pursuing this list of ours, who knows, maybe we can finish before the new year. Maybe?

This lobster was cooked and eaten at Tyrone's family's farm in Maine. We even had fresh picked corn with it!

And this is a lovely, lovely lobster roll from Bayley's. I know we didn't get much of our list done, but look at that beach! Look at that lobster roll! Look at that lovely man! Or...his hands anyway. Wild horses couldn't have dragged me away. Or made me run or ride a bike.

(We also ate shrimp rolls right after the lobster rolls. Shhh.)

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