Tuesday, June 29, 2010


So, despite the social networking phenomenon that has overtaken the planet, I still find it hard to keep in touch with people, and keep people up to date with my oh-so-exciting life!

I have lots of pictures and stories to tell from the past year that I have even withheld from Facebook (gasp!), but those will have to wait until I am at home and have camera access.

At this point, I am living in Ridgewood, Queens with my lovely boyfriend Tyrone, and our amazing kitty Tippi (named after Tippi Hedren, respectively). We are totally jiving with New York City this month, and love and accept her gifts with gratitude.

"New York City is a living organism; It evolves, it devolves, it fluctuates as a living organism. So my relationship with New York City is as vitriolic as the relationship with myself and with any other human being which means that it changes every millisecond, that it's in constant fluctuation."

As hard as it can be, it is a city you come to love and respect, and just "give way to the positive day", or "go with the flow" for others. It has become home and I am in love with it's passion, diversity, and constant creativity. At least for now, it is the place where I belong.


THE LIST (summer 2010)

1. Visit Coney Island and indulge in Nathan's hotdog's, corndogs, and other dogs...

2. Attend Shakespeare in the Park: This year it's A Winter's Tale and The Merchant of Venice (starring Al Pacino). This event consists of getting up at 7am, or earlier, and spending the entire day at Central Park waiting for free tickets to be handed out. I intend to make a huge picnic and hang out and eat to our hearts' content.

3. Participate in our FIRST EVER restaurant week! Any suggestions?

4. Eat at the famous Shake Shack in Madison Square Park. Hopefully the 1 hour or more wait will result in delicious burgers and happy tummys!

5. Go on a long bike ride. I think we can find a rent-a-bike?

6. Have a cookout on our roof! I really want to do this for my birthday!

7. Attend one of the free movie nights at Hudson River Park

8. Go to one of the free events for Central Park Summerstage

9. Go to the Guggenheim Museum. I have never been here and am very embarrassed to admit that.

10. Make an all day trip to the Bronx Zoo.

11. Finally see the talked about Museum of Sex. This should be interesting...

12. My personal goal...make Tiramisu completely from scratch, ladyfingers and everything! And then eat it of course!

13. Attend Midsummer Night's Swing. I know it's part of Lincoln Center (where I work), but I've never been and it sounds awesome!

14. Eat a whole Maine lobster...each!

15. AND a lobster roll!

16. Run a trail with Tyrone in our Vibram FiveFingers.

17. Attend a huge Polish party with a live polka band (hehe, this is a giveaway)

18. Rent a zipcar and take a day trip somewhere

19. See a broadway show

20. Have a picnic and explore all the nooks and crannies of Governor's Island

That's all I can think of for now, and it seems fairly realistic considering our busy schedules. Let me know if you have any suggestions!! New York is such an easy place to have an amazing summer (minus the heat/humidity ugh) because they offer so many really awesome and free events. It's so exciting!

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  1. HAHA. this is adorable. those fivefinger shoes are so sweet.